If you are interested in applying for one of our rescue dogs or would like more information about rescue, please read our Adoption Information page and access the printable application. If you prefer to complete an on line application please visit the Midwest Boxer Rescue site and complete the adoption interview. Be certain to list specific dogs of interest on your application. The application will be forwarded to us and a representative will contact you.

Please contact our Rescue coordinator for more information about these boxers or to learn more about our Rescue program.



Achilles is an active young boy, full of energy, but eager to learn and please.  He gets along with the female Boxer in the home and is getting used to the kitties, but still wants to chase them now and then.  Achilles needs a home willing to walk him and get him the exercise he needs.


The crate is not his favorite place to be and getting him there can be a chore, but with consistency and positive training methods, he's getting there.


To adopt Achilles, you must have a physically fenced yard and attend a fun, group obedience class.



Apollo was picked up stray and never claimed by a local shelter and wasn't doing well in the kennel environment. Apollo is approximately 6 years old and a very good boy.  He gets along with big dogs, little dogs and cats!


We quickly determined his thyroid was low and started him on medication which he will need to take his entire life.  As far as ailments go, this is an easy and inexpensive one to have.  Literally pennies a day!


Please consider giving this gem of a dog a home!




Baxter is a two year old boy that is just as sweet as he can be!  He's currently in a foster home with a female Boxer and a young child.  Baxter has never been housetrained before, so he is learning about that and slowly getting the hang of it.  He's great in the crate and just an all-around sweet guy.  Baxter will be available as soon as we feel he is completely housetrained.  We want to set him up for success. 

A physically fenced yard and fun, public group obedience class will be required to adopt Baxter.



Emmi came to us from a small shelter where she had been surrendered for house training issues.  Since being in her foster home for just a week, she has not had one accident in the house.  Emmi will be two in July and is a doll!  She gets along well with the two Boxers in her foster home, is good in her crate and very loving.  She has been around small children in her previous home and has had limited exposure to children in her foster home.  Emmi does have a cat in her foster home, but her foster mom feels she would be best in a CAT FREE home.


Emmi is really a laid back dog, wants to be with her people and is a great snuggler!


To adopt Emmi you will need a physically fenced yard and attend a fun, group obedience class.



Moe is fairly new to our program and is approximately 1 1/2 years old.  He is very sweet, happy and active.  Moe has previously lived with a toddler and another female Boxer.  Currently he cohabitates with a cat and a Newfoundland as well as a teenager!  Moe is doing well in his foster home and they report he's a GREAT dog.  The crate is not his favorite place, but he will go in with some encouragement and a special treat.  Moe can also be a little shy, especially around men.  Once he gets to know you though, he warms up quickly.  Moe will need a home with a physically fenced yard and a fun, group obedience class to help continue his socialization skills.

 Yes, Moe does have a tail and we are not removing the tail.



Molly is an approximately 7 year old deaf female that was adopted as a puppy from us and returned due to no fault of her own.  She is a LOVELY girl that gets along well with all animals of every shape and size.  Molly has lived with toddlers and does very well with this.  She is an easy going girl and a quick learner.  Molly needs a nice loving home to live out her remaining years. 

Please consider giving this senior girl a home.



Check out this lovely senior lady! Zena was picked up stray in a tiny town and no one claimed her. She gets along well with other dogs, but not so much with the kitites! Please consider giving this sweet senior gal a home of her own!


All rescue boxers are dogs in need, however there are unique cases where a Boxer may need a special home and/or care. They are Boxer through and through and deserve a chance at a great life and the love of a great companion. Could you be that home?



There are lots of Great Boxers looking for homes. If you are interested in seeing more Boxers in need of good homes, would like to complete an online application to adopt a Boxer, would like to help out by sponsoring a boxer or making a donation to Boxer Rescue, check out the MidWest Boxer Rescue association website. This site shows the group effort taken by Boxer rescue organizations throughout Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska who work together to rescue and place dogs in loving, permanent homes. All these groups operate as not-for-profit entities, and each has particular requirements for prospective homes. The purpose of this coalition, known as the MidWest Boxer Rescue Association, is to help people in the Midwest U.S. find a Boxer to adopt and to coordinate the rescue and care of dogs in need.


We are a small nonprofit organization that relies upon the generosity of animal lovers, like you. If you would like to assist our rescue dogs, there are a few ways you can help us!

Go to our Rescue Links page - there are a couple of merchants on that page who donate a percentage of each sale that comes through a link from our website back to our rescue program.


Go to our Donation page which lists items that we need for our rescue program.


You can send a donation directly to:

Missouri Valley Boxer Rescue
PO Box 241011
Omaha, NE 68124-1011

If you want to assist a specific dog, please make a notation in your mailing.



There are so many GREAT organizations out there who support Boxer rescue and we want them to know how we really appreciate what they do for us!!!

Boxer Rescue Foundation

A special thanks goes out the the BRF for providing us with a financial grant to be used towards medical bills to treat Pogo. THANK YOU!!!


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